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History of Sexual Toys

History of Sexual Toys

Did you know that throughout history, leather, animal feces, wood, stone, gold, silver, bronze, and ivory have been used for the production of sex toys?

In recent decades, we have been breaking the taboo surrounding sex, little by little. Feeling desire, pleasure, and freely exploring our sexuality is no longer a source of shame.

Using toys for erotic purposes, whether alone or with a companion, has become quite commonplace. However, they are far from being an invention of our time. Yes, humanity began developing objects for sexual pleasure at least 28,000 years ago!

The Oldest Sex Toys

It’s no surprise that sexuality held a significant place among ancient civilizations since orgies and sexual practices were commonly seen in the hieroglyph representations. Shall we take a brief journey through history?

wood dildo in ancient civilizations

The Oldest Sex Toy Dates Back 28,000 Years

In 2005, the oldest ever recorded sex toy was discovered at an archaeological site in Germany. The object in question was crafted from stone, had a phallic shape (measuring about 20 cm in length), and dates back 28,000 years. Experts argue that these characteristics, along with the fact that it was highly polished, led them to believe it was an erotic object.

Sex Toys in Ancient Egypt

It is believed that Egyptians used camel dung-coated objects for sexual pleasure. For example, you can find references to phalluses made of gold, silver, and ivory in “Arabian Nights.” Additionally—although there is no scientific evidence to prove it—there have been rumors suggesting that Cleopatra herself may have been the inventor of the vibrator. You may be wondering how she did it. It is said that she placed hundreds of live bees inside a roll of papyrus to experience their “fluttering.” Believe it or not!

Ancient Greece

Both Greek men and women used leather filled with wool to achieve different levels of firmness and thickness. It is said that they would lubricate these objects with olive oil to facilitate penetration. Could they have also been the inventors of sexual lubricants?

During that time, they also recommended the use of phallic objects to women who “suffered” from a supposed illness called “hysteria,” an alleged uterus disorder that caused mental instability and was attributed to a lack of orgasms.

The Arrival of the Vibrator

Let’s fast-forward to the 19th century. In 1870, the British physician Joseph Mortimer Granville invented what we now know as the vibrator (thank you, Joseph!). However, at that time, it was marketed as a device for relieving muscular pain. The object became so popular that it quickly made its way to the United States and became a best-selling product.

However, not long after, society began to discover its hidden purpose (treating the so-called hysteria with orgasms) and started labeling it as a moral outrage. As a result, they suddenly disappeared.

sex toy history infographic

It was almost a century later that vibrators reclaimed their place in the spotlight of sexual pleasure, and we’ve never looked back. This resurgence was due to the growth of the pornography industry and sexual liberation movement, as well as the fact that in 1952, the American Psychiatric Association stopped considering hysteria as an illness.

Since then, an endless array of sex toys has become available. There are toys of all types, shapes, sizes, and functions you can think of. If you’re curious about incorporating them into your sexual life, all you have to do is try and find the ones that are right for you. There’s a world of sensations out there waiting to be discovered!

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