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5 Tips For Sexting So You Don’t Cry Trying

5 Tips For Sexting So You Don’t Cry Trying

Sexting could be a sexual practice you’ve adopted because of the pandemic or it already was part of your sexual life. It is convenient, pleasurable and easy-to-do, and the best part? It can protect you against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections! 
Keep in mind, even though it works as the abstinence method, you need to be cautious; which is why I have written these 5 tips so you don’t cry trying to sext.

Consent Is The Base of Sexual Relationships

We know there are people that simply cannot say “no”. When it’s about emotional and pleasure exchange, even if you’re apart from each other, the most important thing for you both is to agree when you are about to sext. 

Why? Imagine that you don’t want to sext and you just lie in bed watching Netflix, while the other person is excited to sext with you. That would be harsh, isn’t it? Everyone needs to respect their emotions and needs; reciprocity is key. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to and you’ve been requested to exchange not only text, but audio and video, you need to say “NO”. Anticipate awkward situations, and never feel you have to do something you don’t want to. 


Phone Security and Privacy Are Crucial 

With apps that grant access to many users, you need to protect yourselves. Have you heard about those hackers who accessed zoom sessions?  Well, there is a small chance this might happen to you.

Nowadays, there are several safe apps that will help you protect your sexting sessions. Disckreet was created to have 100% control of your content, giving you the chance to delete any type of content you’ve shared to another device. Other options are Confide and Between which allow you to have a one-on-one session, free from hackers with the option to destroy the exchanged contents. 


Are You Connected to The Cloud or Other Type of Shared Folders?

Your device should be disconnected from the cloud, especially if you are sharing it with your roommates or family members. Double-check that you have disabled the automated sharing option and you’ll be good to go. 

Also, verify your Bluetooth is turned off and not connected to another device or speaker. What would you do if someone could be able to listen to THAT video you’ve just received? 


Define Date and Time

I know this may sound boring, as sporadic encounters are the best, but you need to define this for the following reasons: 

  1. You would want to sext when you have no one around you. You wouldn’t want spectators for your audios and videos. You’ll enjoy it better like this. 
  2. You’ll have time to be 100% prepared for the oh-so-waited sexting session. In case you’re extremely far away from each other and because of it you don’t share the same time zone, you wouldn’t want to receive erotic videos while enjoying lunch, or during a videocall with your mom. 
  3. Daily schedules are a mess during the pandemic. Sometimes you are in your comfy PJs, other days you did not have the chance to take a shower, and other times your underwear selection is definitely not the best for a sexual encounter (although some people would care less). By defining a date and time, you’ll be able to be prepared and wear what you’ve always wanted to show during a casual encounter.  


Agreements on The Type of Content You’ll Share

Almost all chat services offer you the option to send text, images, GIFs, audio and video. Without rules, there could be awkward moments considering you’re not in the same physical space. You’ll need to consider if it’s the first encounter, maybe it’ll take some time before you have the courage or comfort to share certain kinds of content. 

Don’t feel shame; share your rules for the game so it’s a safe and pleasant activity for everyone.


After a fascinating sexting session and when the pandemic is done for good, probably you’ll be motivated and inspired to explore the bed more with your sexual partner. And when that time comes, remember to be safe and use contraceptives.

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About the author: Michell is a digital strategist who loves writing about what matters: sexual and reproductive health in the online and real world. She considers herself as a demisexual and a fashion geek. You can follow her random stuff on Twitter: @MichellMor