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Sterilization in Burkina Faso

Sterilization is a procedure, available for both females and males, that prevents pregnancy by either blocking the fallopian tubes or the vas deferens to obstruct the movement of eggs and sperm. You can read more about the method here.
Sterilization in Burkina Faso

Is sterilization widely available in Burkina Faso?

Yes, sterilization service is available at public and private clinics and hospitals.

Do I need a prescription to get sterilized in Burkina Faso?

No, you don’t need a prescription to get sterilized.

Is there any age restriction for getting sterilized in Burkina Faso?

No, there is no age restriction for getting sterilized.

How much does sterilization cost in Burkina Faso?

The sterilization service is available free of charge at public health centers. We will update the information about its cost at private clinics and hospitals soon.

Who can I contact for more information about sterilization in Burkina Faso?

Association Burkinabe pour le Bien Etre Familial


+226 25 31 05 98/25 31 75 10

QG jeune


Marie Stopes Burkina – Patte-d’oie clinic (Ouagadougou)

Boulevard des Tansoba Reongo opposite the Patte d’Oie bus station

+226 25 38 08 91

Marie Stopes Burkina – Bobo-Dioulasso clinic

Next to the SONAPOST bobo KOKO, on the edge of the boulevard, in the city AN II

+226 20 98 45 45

Marie Stopes Burkina – Koudougou clinic

On national road 14 in sector 4, west of the SHELL bus station

+226 25 44 09 19