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Tips for having great sex when your kids are home 

Tips for having great sex when your kids are home 

If you enjoy moaning while your partner licks their way down, you would probably prefer being in a place where you’re not around people who could listen. But how does that work if you have kids and they are at home? And how do you work around this sticky situation during a pandemic, when everyone is mandated to stay indoors all the time.  
Having moments of carnal pleasure with your significant other once children come into the picture is tricky but not impossible. To learn how this can be done, we asked moms in our social circle to give us some tips for having great sex while everybody’s home; and here’s what they have to say. 

Gag and scream

First of all: Confirm they are sleeping, like really sleeping. There’s nothing as awkward as listening to a little hand knocking on the door in the middle of an orgasm.

Second: it might be a turn off having sex with no music, but this can be easily fixed, take turns with your partner and use some earphones with your sexiest playlist on. The one who has the earphones will receive pleasure, while the other one is paying  attention. Then, shift positions and let your partner enjoy your moves with music while you guard the stage XD

sex when kids are home

Third: Some women enjoy expressing their pleasure louder than others, and that’s ok, but it can be difficult if your room’s next to your kids. Try: Role play. Gag your mouth with a necktie*, use some handcuffs and submit yourself completely to your partner. Trust me, having less control will intensify all your sensations.

Sexy Mariachi

*Please note that gag is a technique of sexual bondage and BDSM roleplay and as with all sexual acts, is only used with consent of everyone involved.

Master masturbation

Our baby was born right around the time that Covid was shutting down the world. Without the option of babysitters or daycare, my partner and I have spent the majority of our parenthood in shifts: one of us always has to be on baby duty. I think I could count the number of awake hours that we’ve spent by ourselves this past year on one hand.

sex when kids are home

Needless to say, our sex life has changed. So consider this a friendly reminder that masturbation is a type of sex, and a fabulous one at that. My partner and I talk a lot about masturbation now and celebrate each other for finding opportunities to take care of ourselves. You spent an hour with your vibrator? Fantastic! You fantasized about that time we had sex in the car? So hot! You masturbated in the shower this morning? That’s two victories in one! I know we’ll get back to a place where our sex life can be enjoyed together, but in the meantime, mutually shared masturbation is keeping us healthy and sane. 

Self-loving Mama

Floor is [not] lava 

Be silent and scream; use the floor instead of the bed. 


sex when kids are home

Sweet seduction 

Revamp your quickies: Fast sex can be fun. Be open minded. Explore things that you may not have tried in the bedroom. But lend themselves greatly to a brief interaction (hands up! Or down!).

Build up the steam: When you go to bed at the end of the day, you are too exhausted to do anything. But if you build up sexual tension during the day by being suggestive, being touchy and kissing deeply, you will have this on your mind throughout and you won’t be so exhausted anymore when it’s time.

sex when kids are home

With time, and many years together, romance becomes MORE important, not less! Do things to and for each other that trigger that passion that is fiery, but also soft and sweet!

South African sexual educator

Long term investment 

Get a bed that does not squeak. 

Ugandan slay momma

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