Global SRHR Resources

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) Resources lists credible resources on contraception and safe abortion  from across the globe. Please write to [email protected] if you would like your website to be featured in this section.
Global SRHR Resources


An inspirational website dedicated to empowering Indonesian moms and prospective moms on family planning, reproductive health, contraception, pregnancy, and parenting information.
A fun educational platform for Indonesian youth to educate them on reproductive health.
A one-stop information platform of contraception and family planning, provided by Andalan Kontrasepsi.
A witty information website of sexual health and relationship, to empower men on reproductive health and STI prevention, powered by Sutra, the number one condom brand in Indonesia.


No amount of talking about sex is going to diminish its mystery. The first-ever youth focused website in Burmese that discusses sexual health and pleasure without judgement.


For pregnancy prevention, sex tips and more, we have got you covered.

Be Lydia Smart. Lydia IUD
A complete guide to Lydia IUDs in Nigeria. Be Lydia Smart.


A network of steadily growing resources for “Priority and Key Affected Populations” with the aim to defend, promote and advance SRHR through community mobilization and access to services including safe abortion in Uganda.



How To Use Abortion Pills
A global online resource on self-administered abortion with pills. Featuring over 24 languages and easy-to-understand illustrations on procedures, the site also features free eLearning courses on safe medical abortion for pharmacists and medical students.

An interactive website that provides education and information on safe abortion. The website services are safe, confidential convenient and free from judgment and stigma.

Women on Web
Online medical abortion service and information.

Women Help Women
Online medical abortion service and information.


At carafem health centers, you’ll find compassionate, convenient abortion care, birth control options and STI testing and treatment. At the moment, carafem facilities are available in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Georgia and Tennessee.

Plan C
Resource on safe abortion with pills.


Chuyện Bỏ Thai
An interactive and user-friendly platform sharing abortion stories and information about contraceptive methods; and supporting people seeking abortion services in Vietnam.