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Why does the external condom (male) keep slipping and/or breaking?

Make sure to check the expiration date before using a condom. Also, check the package to make sure it has not been damaged.
It is also possible that you are not putting it on properly. Check out our section on how to put on a condom.
It may be that the man is pulling out after he is already soft. Still not working? You may want to check out a non-barrier method, like the patch, pill, ring, IUD, implant, or injectable. None of these other methods will protect against STIs. So if you want STI protection, try a internal condom (female)}instead. Or you can try again to find an external condom (male) that works for you. There are lots of different kinds out there.
Try a different method: internal condom (female), implant, IUD, condom, Patch, Pill, Ring, injectable.


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