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The Contraceptive Ring in Colombia

The ring is a small, bendable insert that is left in the vagina for three weeks at a time and taken out for the fourth week. It prevents pregnancy in two ways: it releases hormones that prevent ovaries from releasing eggs, and it thickens the cervical mucus to block sperm from getting to the egg.
The Contraceptive Ring in Colombia

Is the ring widely available in Colombia?

Yes, the ring is available at pharmacies, drugstores, Health Cooperation Agencies, supermarkets, department stores, private clinics, and public hospitals and health centers.

Do I need a prescription to buy the ring in Colombia?

Yes, you do need a prescription to access the ring in Colombia. Moreover, Colombia’s legal framework indicates that it is necessary to request a consultation in contraception and family planning to choose the method that best suits each person.

Is there an age restriction for accessing the ring in Colombia?

No, there’s no age restriction to get access to the ring in Colombia. Resolution 3280 of the Ministry of Health (2018) provides for sexual and reproductive health care and access to nondefinitive contraceptive methods for adolescents aged 12 to 17, young people aged 18 to 28, and other men and women of childbearing age.

How much does a ring cost in Colombia?

Within the private health sector, in 2022, the ring can cost between 15 and 18 US dollars in Colombia (only for the method itself).

What are the different ring brands available in Colombia?

The most widely available brands in Colombia are Stania, Exelring, and Nuvaring.
Stania anillo anticonceptivo en venta en ColombiaExel ring anticonceptivo disponible en colombiaanillo nuvaring anticonceptivo de venta en Colombia

Who can I contact for more information about the ring in Colombia?

For more information, you can contact Orientame, Profamilia, Jóvenes Vive or Heartland Alliance Col.; also, you can connect with Viejas Verdes or Dos Latinas on social media.

Where can I read more about this method?

If you want more information about the ring, click here.

What can I do in the case of an unplanned pregnancy?

Visit safe2choose.org to speak with an expert counselor about the abortion options available in this country. Counselors can also be contacted via email (write to info@safe2choose.org) or via live chat at safe2choose.org/abortion-counseling.