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Contraceptives for men: What’s coming in the future?

Contraceptives for men: What’s coming in the future?

Since the last century, contraception has been, practically, only women’s responsibility. While more than 15 types of contraceptives are available for women, men, for the moment, can only choose between a vasectomy and external condoms as methods to prevent pregnancy and, in the second case, sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

It is true, the rise of contraceptive methods has resulted in a fundamental step for the empowerment of women, who have since found a greater say over their own bodies. Now, it’s time to go a step further and balance the scales so that all people can be equally responsible for contraception.

Towards a more equal contraceptive responsibility

Fortunately, there are many birth control methods for men that are in the process of being tested, researched, and developed. Although there is still a long way to go before they become a reality, we know that they are very promising.

What’s COSO?

COSO is an ultrasound-based and reversible approach to male contraception. It is supposed to temporarily inhibit the generation of spermatozoa through ultrasound transmission. It’s reversible, painless, and hormone-free, with no adverse effects – sounds good, right?

Let’s get that pill!

There are several pills under study, but one stands out above the rest: it is a daily pill that would fully impact a protein involved in sperm production. Administration in male mice was 99% effective in preventing pregnancies, and the drug is now ready to be tested on humans.

Inject me with your love

Research is underway on an injection that would momentarily block the vas deferens, for up to 13 years. It’s kind of like a nonsurgical vasectomy. That sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

types of contraceptives for men

And in the meantime, what contraception options are there for men?

For the moment, men can choose between a vasectomy and using external condoms.

External condom


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