Being a sex worker. “China” tells us everything about it!

Being a sex worker. “China” tells us everything about it!

A question as old as her work, often stigmatized and full of taboos: What is the real experience of sex workers? There are as many answers to this question as there are sex workers. Among rumors and whispers, there are really few stories that we know directly from the protagonists.

That is why, on the International Sex Workers Day, one of them shares her pleasant reflections on how to fully enjoy our sexuality.

Beka “la China” explains to us that she has been in business in a big Mexican city since she was 15 years old: “I needed money, and I was too young to get a job … meeting men for money sounded like an easy thing to do at 15.” She tells us how she gradually progressed until she lost her fear of being on the street at night. “You end up meeting not only many men but learning many tricks and how to move on the streets.”

One of the first questions that comes to mind when talking to Beka is: Do you enjoy sex when you are working?

“Sometimes. You might think that because it’s about sex you are always going to have a good time, but like everything in life, it depends. I especially enjoy it when you realize that sex is for both of you, and not just for the client. You can realize from how they touch you to how we both end up enjoying it. “There is good sex and bad sex.”

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A job like any other: sexual health, hygiene and fun

“Sometimes people think that because it’s fast sex, it has to be the same. But no, sex work, like any practice that involves multiple partners, is very risky.

“I practice hygiene and health measures: enemas and condoms are always mandatory; although some clients request the service without protection … The truth is that I have done it, there are some who come carrying their HIV test with them.

“I always take a shower after offering services.”

Do you like sex toys? Do you have a favorite?

“Obviously, I don’t look down on sex toys; I find them fun and stimulating. My favorites are the ones that vibrate, I love them!”

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sex workers and sex toys

The mandatory question: Does (penis) size really matter?

Although popular belief says that “a big penis = more sexual pleasure,” in reality, having a large penis can have several disadvantages.

According to the Medical News Today portal, size also influences erectile dysfunction due to complications related to blood flow in the area.

Beka’s verdict is that she likes good-sized penises, but she does not look down on the “smaller ones” who pay more attention to her and focus on other erogenous zones of the body such as the lips, hands, etc.

Although it is a matter of taste, focusing on the pleasure of both parties and not only on the sexual act itself is what makes the experience more fun and memorable for both, compared to just having a big, clumsy penis.

Enjoy sex with no fear or shame

La China says goodbye to us with such beautiful words that we decided to leave them as they are for you to read:

“Sex is delicious, enjoy it without fear and without shame!

“The body is wonderful. You can find pleasure in your whole body, even in your little toe, if you connect your mind with your body. Explore everything you want and have fun.”

About the author: Victoria Delgado, freelance writer, internet explorer and cat lover. Writing is better than drawing.

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