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Women’s Sexual Fantasies: Revealing Our Innermost Desires

Women’s Sexual Fantasies: Revealing Our Innermost Desires

Like men, women too have sexual fantasies. The only difference is, we never speak openly about our fantasies, and when we do, we swear our friends to secrecy. We prefer not to talk about our fantasies because we fear judgment if word got out that we’ve secretly always wanted to do something that will make us look “dirty.”

Even though most of us quietly push our fantasies to the back of our minds, some of us are hell-bent on making sure the fantasies turn into real-life situations. Do you usually wonder whether other women have the same sexual fantasies as you? Look through this list of the most popular sexual fantasies (as told by real-life women) and find out!

Here we go…

I want to be dominated…

I’m Jane, 35, and my day is always busy. With work, family, and all the other responsibilities that come with everyday life, I often daydream about a way to escape and let go of control. The idea of surrendering control to a dominant figure in a BDSM scenario appeals to me so much. I’m not ashamed to say that I put myself in Jane’s position each time I read 50 Shades of Grey. It’s a fantasy I have and something I want to explore in the future.

womens sexual fantasies about domination

Playing with power dynamics

Hi, my name is Sarah, I’m 27, and I’m an engineer. I’ve always been intrigued by the play on power and control in different scenarios. My fantasy is to role-play with a partner. I always imagine that one of us in this situation will take the lead as the boss, teacher, or doctor while the other submits to their authority. It’s a way for me to escape my everyday life and explore a new aspect of my sexuality.

I want them all

I’m Emmy, and my biggest fantasy is to be with multiple partners at the same time. One day, I was at the gym, and all I could think of was how good all those muscles looked. I got so turned on by the idea of being desired by multiple men. I would like to explore my sexuality, and doing it with multiple people seems incredibly exciting to me. Thinking about this fantasy excites me, but I’d only like to do it safely and consensually with a partner I trust.

To see and be seen

I’m Anya. I don’t think I should tell anyone this, but sharing the fantasy makes it seem like it can become a real experience. I have a fantasy of exploring my exhibitionist side through voyeurism or exhibitionism. To take it further, I would like to act out this fantasy in a park or at a public parking lot. The idea of watching others be intimate or being watched while I engage in sexual activity with a partner is thrilling. For now, it’s only a fantasy, but it helps me realize that I can embrace my sexuality and feel empowered.

I’d like to be with a woman

Lauren here, and I’m a cab driver. I grew up with the notion that heterosexual sex was the only way to have sex. That being said, I’ve always been curious about my own sexuality and desires in a rebellious sort of way. Recently, I have found myself drawn to the idea of exploring my desires with another woman. The idea of being with someone who understands the complexities of a woman’s body and can pleasure me in new and exciting ways is incredibly alluring to me.

womens most common sexual fantasies

I have a fantasy of being in a comfortable and intimate setting with another woman and taking the time to discover each other’s bodies and desires. The thought of touching, kissing, and experiencing new forms of pleasure together is something I find deeply exciting and arousing.

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