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Beyond Pleasure and Pee: Self-Care Tips for Your Penis 

Beyond Pleasure and Pee: Self-Care Tips for Your Penis 

What was your reaction when you first read the title? Don’t say it but hold that thought. 
Can we take a moment to acknowledge the penis? Without penis, the human race would have probably been extinct; think about that for a moment. The penis is also a powerful multitasking tool; apart from being an organ of pleasure and for peeing, penile health can determine your overall health.

Now let’s get back to your reaction to the title. Were you surprised when you read the title? Curious, happy or didn’t even care? Many times when we ask people who have penis what their self-care routine is, we get disappointing answers. The most common responses are: I don’t have a self-care routine; self-care isn’t for men; I drink away the issue; I smoke/drink to it; I watch football or play video games to forget; and that great sex helps.

Unraveling self-care

skincare for healthy life

What exactly is self-care? Simply put, it is any deliberate activity that is targeted to make us better and healthy. Health includes mental, physical, emotional, sexual and even spiritual well being; and the main purpose of self-care is to make us healthier humans.

Self-care is also very simple; you can start right away by learning some basic skills. You don’t need any special training because the routine is basically daily activities broken into easy tasks to help you.

Sadly, many people don’t have self-care skills because they have no idea what type of task would benefit their penile health. It becomes even more challenging when society stereotypes men who take care of themselves as strange.

But the important part is that self-care is about you, not the society. So take a look at this list of easy tasks which can make a mind blowing difference to not just your penile health, but your overall well being. 

erotic bath

Erotic bath

It is possible even without a partner; a warm, sensual bath to pamper every part of your body. From the hairy chest down to the sole of your feet, explore and feel everything – especially for bumps and rashes.

Ditch the tape

That tape you use to measure the length of your penis; throw it in the trash can the next time you go out of the house – trust me, that’s where it belongs. The length of your penis doesn’t guarantee the amount of sexual pleasure you get; so stop worrying about it.


Don’t let the word scare you; walking, yoga and mindfulness are all types of exercises that are not rigorous. If you can jog or run thrice a week, that’s great. Exercise enhances blood flow throughout the body but your penis also benefits a lot from it because it helps with good erection. 

balls check for penile health

Balls in check

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among people with penis. Make it a routine to check your balls for change in size and shape, and for lumps. Please make sure you see a doctor if you find any irregularity.


Your food affects your penile health to a great extent; try eating healthy. Replace sugar with honey as it contains boron which aids production of testosterone. Eat more veggies and fruits, ideally a watermelon as it is often considered nature’s Viagra. Reduce smoking because nicotine kills an erection. And reduce your alcohol intake since it can lead to erectile dysfunction.  

running in the sun

Sun walk

No, not walking in the scorching sun; that is more of a punishment. The early sunrise walk; go for a run or just sit in it. The magic of this act is that the early morning sun produces vitamin D which helps in the production of healthy sperm cells. Voila! 

Sexual intelligence

Evaluate a sexual situation before engaging in it. In case of causal sex, for example, ask yourself if you have condoms with you or whether you restocked your dental dam. I encourage you to mutually decide with your partner on the type of birth control that would be suitable for both of you, the sexual dynamics of your relationship and other expectations. This reduces your chances of having a sexual crisis.

Routine health checks

Don’t be discouraged by waiting time at the doctor’s office; it doesn’t even take that long. Go there on your way back from work, check your blood pressure, sugar level, and take tests for sexually transmitted infections. Tests like these are great indicators of your penile health; for example hypertension and diabetes are major causes of erectile dysfunction and dysorgasmic disorders.

washing hands for cleanliness and hygiene

Youthful penis

You aren’t in your 70s but your penis tells a different story with your balls all grayish and there’s constant itching? Surprise! People with penises also get yeast infection. Make it a routine to regularly change your underwear and wash them too; you didn’t inherit them so let them go! Also make it a habit to wash your penis whenever you take a shower; use mild soap and clean with water. And name your penis; it helps you connect with it better; look at your penis in the mirror at least once a day and hype it up for being a badass multitasking tool.

Mental health 

It’s okay to cry; it’s okay to have a mental health routine. Men are more likely to get killed by suicide while fewer men seek therapy if they have mental health challenges. Seek professional help when you are in need of it.

skincare for healthy life


Isn’t that a ‘feminine’ thing? No, it is an everyone’s thing. Men are more likely to get skin cancer compared to their female counterparts and dermatologist believe this is the case because most men ignore skincare routine. Learn simple tasks like exfoliating and moisturizing and do them regularly to take care of your skin. 

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About the author: Amos Sanasi is a demographer, sexologist and the founder of Nigeria’s first sex-positive brand Revaginate NG which disseminates comprehensive sex information and sexual accessories, especially for those with disabilities. She tweets at @thesanasi