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5 Nigerians share their honest opinion on internal condoms

5 Nigerians share their honest opinion on internal condoms

internal condomsInternal condoms also known as female condoms is a barrier form of contraceptive inserted into the vagina or anus to prevent the exchange of bodily fluid and sperm to enter the uterus and anus during intercourse. It is becoming accepted across the world, although not as popular as the external condoms. It is called the internal condom because it can be used not just for vaginal sex, it is also used for anal sex. When used properly it is 95% effective.
I spoke to five Nigerians about their experiences and here is what they had to say:

internal condoms

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat

I first used an internal condom when I was 20, I was on a getaway with my boyfriend and we couldn’t get the desired brand we wanted for an external condom and the nurse suggested we try a female condom, out of curiosity I collected it. We went back to the hotel and we opened it up, and inserted it into my vagina, it was quite easy and the condoms were lubricated. I enjoyed penetration but getting out was quite a challenge because I was seated and  some of the content spilled out. 

Nenye, 25

internal condoms

Contraceptives as foreplay 

I first saw an internal condom at my boyfriend’s, I just got back from work and went to visit him and we both decided to have sex. He told me he went for a reproductive health meeting earlier and it was distributed there. We were caressing and he inserted his middle finger to detect how lubricated I was. When he noticed I was properly lubricated, he removed the condom from it’s pack and asked me to open my legs wide.

He gradually slid the condoms in and it felt magical; it felt like foreplay.  

Penetration felt like there wasn’t a condom in there. Removing it was easy as I laid back and he pulled it out gently.

Bisi, 25

internal condoms

Lube it up 

I have never tried penetrative sex as I didn’t find a partner because I wasn’t open about my sexuality until few months back. Recently I found a partner who was experienced so it made the entire process smooth.

He poured a generous amount of lube down my anal opening and massaged for some time, he inserted the butt plug and we began foreplay, when it was time for penetration, he removed the butt plug, poured in more lube and inserted the internal condom, I expected it to be quite painful but with lube the experience was a lot different.

Dennis, 32


The end is the beginning  

My husband and I used to use the withdrawal method, we spoke to our healthcare provider and he recommended we use a condom instead, he spoke about female condoms and I was fascinated by them. We got back home and decided to have sex, the insertion process wasn’t easy as we weren’t familiar with it. We had to watch YouTube videos to get it right, sex didn’t feel any different and removal was quite arousing as it made me horny again. 

Lima, 34

internal condoms

Tampon practice comes handy 

I got to know about the internal condom during the national female condoms awareness week. At that time, I was in the UK and decided to try it out as I was curious.

I got one, went home, prepped for sex and then solo foreplay began, I inserted it in the vagina. It was easier than I thought, maybe because I was used to inserting tampons.

I used my penetrative sex toy. The frequency of the vibration wasn’t as intense as it would have been when I did it without barrier contraceptive. But on a scale of 1-10 the experience was a 7. It didn’t feel so bad at all, since then it has been my go-to form of contraceptive.

Betty, 29

Experiences varies but one common factor is that sex is quite pleasurable with internal condoms. Why not try it out today and document your own experience.

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About the author: Amos Sanasi is an award-winning sex educator who specializes in sexual enlightenment. Her book “BDSM CHEAT SHEET” is a beginner’s guide for those who want to be kink-positive. She is also the founder of West Africa’s first sex-Ed tech startup RevaginateNG. She tweets at @thesanasi.