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How to Masturbate When The House Is Full?

How to Masturbate When The House Is Full?

Masturbating while there were people in my house became, for a moment, an impossible and above all frustrating mission. I was so afraid that someone would hear the noise of my sex toys and discover that I was in an intimate, wild, and animalistic moment.

So, I decided to create a strategy for calm, pleasant, and risk-free masturbation.

I’m 23 years old and all my life I was used to living practically by myself; my parents decided that I would be an only child and that they would do everything necessary to give me the best possible life. I spent long periods of time just with Teresita, an elderly lady, who rapidly fell asleep in front of the TV after preparing lunch.

From the ages of 13 to 15, with Teresita sleeping all day, I was allowed to play on my computer and avoid my homework. My parents would get home late at night, so as soon as I got home from school I had the whole afternoon to myself.

As I got older, my evenings became more and more interesting. I remember the first time I watched porn and how I enjoyed that Teresita gave me so much space alone.

At 16 I started masturbating

It was a Friday in June, and to close the school cycle, my school decided to do an Olympics. Boys and girls had to participate in an obstacle course, a swimming race, and a volleyball match.

I had such a bad attitude (or such a good one, I’ll tell you why) that one day before the Olympics, coming down from the classroom, I wasn’t watching where I was going, and I fell, rolling down the stairs.

The result: a bandaged leg and a note from the teacher telling me that since I couldn’t participate in the Olympics, I could be part of the jury team.

The fact that I would be sitting around with my teachers seemed terribly exhausting to me. I thought that I would have to spend a whole day pretending to laugh at my teachers’ bad jokes, listening to their outdated talk, and trying not to do anything that would upset them.

But in reality, it was different. While my teachers were talking, I was focussed on enjoying the view of the senior boys in their short, tight pants. Out of every 10 guys who were running in front of me, at least 4 had a dick big enough for it to show through their pants, 6 had incredibly tight abs, and 3 had hard, well-built asses.

When I got home that afternoon, I felt that my panties were wetter than usual. I got turned on by those sweaty, half-naked guys!

I started masturbating very cautiously

Although Teresita slept most of the afternoon, I was scared when playing the video of a couple having sex. What would happen if she came into my room? What would Teresita think of my behavior?

To avoid any kind of interruption, I made sure that my parents were not home, and I went down to the kitchen to check if Teresita was busy or asleep at best, and when I knew that there would be no possibility of anyone bothering me, I took the big step.

I turned my computer on, put on my headphones, and started watching a video of two very handsome guys dancing and slowly taking off all their clothes.

I was slowly getting turned on, and I began to feel a light but pleasant pressure. It was located on my clitoris and was expanding into my vagina. As the video went on, my breathing accelerated, my legs got tense, and I felt this huge urge to touch my body.

I put my hand into my pants and slowly started rubbing myself. Then, using the palm of my hand, I applied constant pressure going up and down, adding extra pressure on my clitoris. I gently took my right breast into my hand, while my other hand ran over my labia majora. I was playing with the opening of my vagina and getting seduced by what my body was asking.

I spent hours watching different videos and discovering every part of my body. That day, I discovered that I had a wild side; I wanted to squeeze my breasts hard, while I spanked myself on the ass; I wanted to bite my lips and imagine that I was sucking a dick.

That day, I had fun and had my first orgasm.

Masturbating: a gift I used to get from time to time

Since that precious day when I masturbated for the first time, masturbating has become a precious, intimate and powerful experience for me.

I didn’t know what the “normal” frequency was, nor do I think there is one, I simply gave the gift of pleasure to my body when I felt like it, and since my parents had extensive work hours, I never had problems when it came to giving myself pleasure.

I also had no problems sharing my pleasure with other people in my house. The fact that Teresita slept all afternoon (and happened to sleep more and more over the years) became the perfect opportunity for Tomás, my boyfriend at the time, to sneak into my room from time to time, and we both enjoyed long and pleasant sexual encounters.

Everything changed.

One Monday, during the month of November, my mom told me that the time had come for her to retire and that as a good pensioner, she wanted to enjoy some time at home.

What would happen to me and my days of sexual pleasure?

How would I masturbate if my mother was going to be home all day?

The first time I wanted to masturbate at home was a failure. As I was going to start watching a video of a boy and a girl having sex on the beach, my mom entered the room without even knocking. Luckily, I was fully dressed and the video was playing but I had my headphones on.

What a horror that my mother had known that I was getting ready to masturbate!

That day, I understood that my life had changed, and now I had to come up with more sophisticated strategies. It was no longer enough to go down to make sure if Teresita was busy to be able to give myself pleasure, now I had to take my mom into account.

Don’t get me wrong, after so many years, having her at home was a reason to be happy; we enjoyed watching movies together and cooking, and she taught me about painting and we even had reading afternoons.

But, being able to masturbate quietly was certainly harder when she was there, not to mention having wild sex at my house. Now, I was forced to go to a motel with Tomás. Neither he nor I wanted to risk my mom discovering us. It was a risk that we were not willing to take.

For this reason, and after thinking long and hard, I came up with a detailed list of tips to masturbate in peace, and I’m going to share it with you.

Tips for masturbation sessions at home

10 tips that answer my question: How do I masturbate at home without anyone knowing?

  • Always lock the door. The last thing you want is an unexpected visitor.
  • Use a speaker and play music at a considerable volume to hide the sound of vibrators, rings, and dildos, etc. In addition, music gives you the freedom to moan or say exciting phrases out loud.
  • Let everyone in your house know that you will be doing something important, and ask them not to interrupt you. Saying that you are going to study or get ready for a test is always a great idea – no one wants to interrupt a studious person.
  • Make sure you have everything you need in your room, that is, your toys, lubes, gels, water, favorite lingerie, and a towel, etc. Everything you may need should be at your fingertips. There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a good masturbation session and having to go to a different room and interrupt the whole thing.
  • Try masturbating in the shower. Hot water usually gives an extra touch of pleasure. If you have that type of shower that allows you to change the jet and can be hung up (hose-type ones) do not hesitate to try it – a hot water jet, directly on your clitoris, can do wonders.
  • It is very likely that your family does not want you to spend hours in the shower, using up hot water and increasing the services bills; so, start your masturbation session in your room, enjoy it to the fullest, and when you want to take the experience to the next level, take a shower. Save the best for last!
  • If you are going to masturbate in the shower, make sure your toys are waterproof.
  • If, for reasons of coexistence, you can’t play music, you can wait until nighttime when the other people in the house are asleep so the noise of the toys and your accelerated breathing will be less likely to be heard.
  • The peak hours of the house are also an ideal time to masturbate. For example, you can masturbate when lunch is being prepared, a TV show is usually watched, or a routine activity is carried out such as going to buy bread at the store, etc. It gives you a period of time during which people’s attention will be directed to a particular thing and it decreases the risk of them trying to interact with you.
  • Make sure you do not have to fulfill any important duties after your masturbation session. Sex with yourself or another person always involves physical effort and most likely you will be tired by the end. Try to plan your masturbation sessions at times when you know you can rest afterwards.

My biggest recommendation is to make the most of the wonderful sensations that our bodies can give us with the right stimulation. So, buy yourself a kit of sex toys, gels, and videos and allow your imagination to come up with scenarios that will help you awaken your libido and take you to ecstasy.

Get into that room, lock the door, and have a good time!

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