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Quickie of the day: An Interview with Marlon67 – A South African Adult Entertainer

Quickie of the day: An Interview with Marlon67 – A  South African Adult Entertainer

Marlon67 is an OnlyFans content creator. He re-enacts sex scenes from an online popular series called “DL Thug Passion”, which he stars in. “Basically I just re-enact these hot sex scenes that happen in the series”, he says. “I am also a strip club host and a sex party host, and I also do a little bit of on-line sex work”.

What do you wish you had known about contraceptives prior to becoming an adult entertainer?

I just wish that I had enough information so that I can impart it to other female sex workers that have been in situations where knowing or having this information could have actually helped them.

How do you think we could further improve contraceptive awareness?

Literally awareness, awareness, awareness! Talk about it, have talk shows about it, have gaming shows about it, have platforms about it, have debates about it, have TedTalks about it! Talk, talk, talk! Awareness, awareness, awareness! That’s it.

What has turned out to be the most negative aspect of your work?

What’s sad is the fact that I can’t really have a platform in my country or in my home whereby I can fully express myself by being an adult entertainer, you know? If I was, for instance, in the United States of America, I could have got more opportunities, a bigger and better platform, if anything.

What has turned out to be the most positive aspect of your work?

So what surprises me the most is that I literally get the same fulfilment I got when I was a peer educator and counsellor in Varsity. So when I was still studying at the University of Pretoria, I was a peer educator and I got so much fulfilment when I was normalising sex and sexuality, and when I was engaging my peers in conversations we normally don’t engage in. So right now, I am in a country where being an adult entertainer is frowned upon, being a sex worker is frowned upon, but I hang out in media cicles, and I am still not shying away from what I do. So that creates a certain form of normalisation, and I always love getting that type of fulfilment.