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Last modified on August 12th, 2020


Emergency Contraception (EC) in Sierra Leone


Emergency Contraception or EC can prevent a pregnancy if you’ve had unprotected sex (with or without consent) or if your contraceptive method failed. You can use EC pills or a copper non-hormonal IUD.


Is EC widely available in Sierra Leone?

The EC pill is sold in most pharmacies and health centers in Sierra Leone. However, going to a pharmacy should be your first option. IUD is found mostly in major towns but during health outreaches, they are made available to remote areas.

Sierra Leone public health centers do not offer free or subsidized EC pill products at the moment. IUD should be free at Health Centers.


Do I need a prescription to buy EC in Sierra Leone?

No, the EC pill is an over-the counter medicine that is sold without a prescription. To know how to use the EC pill and other informative details, visit our EC pill page.

No prescription is required for an IUD either.


Is there any age restriction for accessing EC in Sierra Leone?

No, anyone can purchase EC.


How much does EC cost in Sierra Leone?

The EC pills are sold at an average cost of Le 10,000-20,000 depending on the brand and area you live in. The IUD should be free at Health Centers but can otherwise cost between Le 36,000-40,000.


What are the different EC brands available in Sierra Leone’s market?

The three most widely available EC pill brands in Sierra Leone are i-pill, Revoke-1.5 and lydia Postpil. Copper T is the most popular IUD.

i-pill Emergency Contraceptive Pill Revoke 1.5 Emergency Contraceptive Pill lydia postpill Emergency Contraceptive Pill


Who can I contact for more information on EC in Sierra Leone?

Lydia Contraceptives-Hotline number: 1221
Lydia Contraceptives Whatsapp line: 075 445 444
Health For All Pharmacy: +232-78-915-440/ 39 Old Railway Line, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Lydia Contraceptives Sierra Leone Facebook page: @LydiaSierraLeone


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