Dey one wey dem dey put am inside bodi (implant) | Find My Method
  • Except you be winch, nobody fit see medicine wey person put inside im bodi. Dis one dey easy, e dey work like magic, e dey last well well and you no fit change am.
  • Shey e sure: na sure bet. Even your village people sef no sure reach am. Inside 100 people way dey use dis method, 99 people of dem no dey carry belle.
  • E get any wahala: De wahala wey fit be say your period no go dey come every month.
  • E hard: e no hard at all. Dem go just put am once, e go last like 3 to 5 years.
  • E no go protect you against yamayama infections (STIs).


Dey one wey dem dey put am inside bodi (implant)

De one wey dem dey put for bodi na tintinni plastic wey be like medicine wey dem dey put inside de upper part of de woman hand. E small pass one seed of garri; in short, anoda person not fit know say de thing dey there. De thing dey bring out one hormone wey dem dey call ‘progestin’. Dis hormone no go let your bodi release de egg wey dey form pikin. Also, e go make your womb door small so tay e no go fit let sperm enter at all. Wen you put am, for like 5 years, belle no go enter, but e depend on de one wey you choose o. E get different types, dem be Nexplanon, Jadelle and Levoplant.


Get am and forget am. If you no say you dey always forget to use de medicine/ package wey no go let belle enter, den, dis one wey dem dey put inside bodi na for you. Once you don put am, you fit leave from 3 to 5 years sef, but e depend on top de one wey you dey use.

No wahala. You no need to worry about medicine or one thing one thing wey you need to buy or something wey lost wey you need to remember.

E dey hide like spirit. Eye wey naked, no fit see am. No packaging, no lele. Just dey fire dey go, nothing dey shele!

Belle question: wen you nack once, you go carry belle sharp sharp wen you don remove am. If you know say belle no dey hungry after you commot am, den, make sure say you find another way take protect yourself.

E easy to get. Shey you go like try dis method? E dey yafunyafun for many countries. But no be all countries get all de types. Check de “one wey dey my country” to know more.

How To Use

Once you don put am for bodi, nothing dey again wey you go do. E go go just dey there dey give you confam protection so dat belle no go enter for like 3-5 years depending on de one wey you use [4].

Wen dem dey put am for bodi: your healthcare people go gather health informate about you and dem go don check you well well. Dem go kon give you painkill so that you hand no go pain you wen dem dey put the thing inside your arm. Chikena [7].

If you don put de thing for bodi, de first five days of your period after you put am, belle no go enter. But if na outside those first five days, abeg, you go need use extra protection as back-up for de next week. Condom wey man dey use, condom wey woman dey use, diaphragm, sponge, or de sharp sharp medicine wey no dey let belle enter [10].

Wen e don reach time to commot the plastic wey be like medicine wey you put for bodi, your healthcare people go give you anoda pain killer, so dat e no go pain you. Dem go just commot am. If you wan continue to dey use am, dem go put a new one for your bodi as e dey hot [5].

Side Effects

Everybody dey different. Wetin you go feel fit different from wetin anoda person go feel.

De good part: Dis medicine wey dem dey put for bodi dey do plenti good thing. Even wen your toto go dey collect prick sef, e go dey go sam sam [8].

E no go cause kasala wen you wan nack

Many women go fit dey see dia period small small.

You no need to take am every day

For 3-5 year, you no need to worry about carry belle.

E dey ok even if you dey smoke, you get hypertension or diabetes.

You fit use am even if you dey give pikin breast suck

Women wey dia bodi no fit take estrogen fit use am

E go improve de sign of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), depression and de signs of endometriosis

De side wey no pure: Plenti people dey worry about matter no pure. Many women no dey get any wahala. If you dey see small small wahala, dem go commot last last. Because your bodi just jam something wey new na why e dey fall your hand. No worry, after small time, e go stop, because your bodi go don master am.

De kain complain wey full area pass [7]:”
Inside de first 6-12 months, your period no go dey show every month. (you fit dey see small small blood, your period fit stay pass normal or e go dey rush like tap. Dis gbege fit happen for some women from the first day wey dem put de thing inside bodi, till de last day wey dem go commot am. Some women no go even see dia period at all. You gas ready your mind for dis type of thing if you want put dis thing for bodi). People wey don put dis medicine for bodi dey mostly no dey see dia period every month or dem no dey see am at all.

Gbege wey dey shikini [8]:


Make as you dey take chop change

Make how your bodi dey do you for nack matter change

Ovarian cysts

Make life tire person

Make de place wey dem put the medicine change colour or be like say wound happen there.

Make e be like say you wan faint

Make you hair dey disappear


Make you wan vomit

Make you no calm down

Make de place wey dem put de thing dey pain you.

Make breast soft like akamu

If after six months, de matter still no pure or bodi no gree you again, abeg commot am, go find anoda way to take protect yourself. No forget say different ways dey for everybody, no matter where you dey.

*De side wey no pure fit serious for very few women.


We dey here to help you. If dis way no be am, we get anoda way wey you fit use. No forget say: if you talk say na anoda way you wan use, make sure say you protect yourself well wen you dey try anoda way. E make sense make you use condom. Condom go give you confam protection before you go find anoda way wey you wan use.

Shey make I dey fear if I dey see shikini shikini blood?

You fit see shikini shikini blood for different methods, e no mean say your blood go finish even though sometimes e go be like say all your blood don finish [8].

Still no dey work? Your luck fit shine if you try anoda way wey dey provide estrogen for some part of your period time. You try de medicine way, the one wey dem dey put on top bodi and de ring.

Try anoda way: IUD wey get hormone and IUD wey no get hormone

What if I no like to dey see shikini shikini blood kon?

If you no like to dey see shikini shikini blood dat one mean say kasala don blow be dat because dis matter go hard to settle. If e neva tay wey you put de thing for bodi, de shikini shikini blood fit reduce of stop by imself.

E still no dey work? If de shikini shikini blood no stop after some time, e go betta make you find anoda package wey sure well well. Like de medicine way, the one wey be like cup or de one wey be like ring.
Try anoda way: medicine; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi cup; ring.

Try anoda way: medicine; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi cup; ring.

Wat if belle kon dey hungry me?

If belle dey hungry you, tell your healthcare people say make dem commot de thing. Your bodi go sharparly return to normal and you go fit get belle. Many people dey carry belle one time wen dem commot de thing. If belle neva dey hungry you, abeg, find anoda way to protect yourself after dem don commot am. E depend on how your bodi take dey do, e fit take up to 2 months before your period normal after dem commot de thing. [4].

What if I just dey vex, my stomach dey feel like say I chop one baff of food or my bodi no dey calm down? [11]

De hormone wey dey inside your bodi go start to dey go back to normal after like six months.

If e neva reach six months wey you put de thing inside bodi and de wahala wey e dey give you plenti, just chillax small before you commot am.

If e don dey inside your bodi for more dan six months, talk to your healthcare people make dem find you anoda way.

E still no dey work? If you don leave am for at least six months and de thing still no be am, make you try anoda way wey no need to much hustle like de one wey dem dey put on top bodi, medicine and de ring. Or you fit try de IUD.

Try anoda way: IUD wey get and IUD wey no get hormone, medicine; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; ring.

What if I no want make something tay inside my bodi?

People wey sabi don test all de method wey no dey let belle enter. So, e dey sure. Because dem make am make im tay for bodi, you fit leave am inside bodi for 3 to 5 years.

E still no dey work? If your mind dey do you one kain about say you wan put something inside your bodi, other ways full ground bokun. De injection, de one wey dem dey put on top bodi and medicine nko?

Try anoda way: injection; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; medicine.

How I go take know say I neva carry belle if my period no dey come every month?

E normal to stop your period, and many women see am like good thing.

E still no dey work? If e dey do you say you wan dey see your period every month so dat you go sure say belle neva enter, e betta make you dey rotate de method, like de ring, de one wey dem dey put on top bodi or de medicine.

Try anoda way: ring; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; medicine.

What if belle dey hungry me?

You fit no fit get belle sharp sharp as e dey hot wen you just commot de thing for your bodi. Many women dey get belle sharp sharp. If you no wan get belle, use anoda way take protect yourself sharp sharp. It depends on how your bodi dey, e fit take up to 2 months before your period return back to normal [5].


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