De ringe | Find My Method
  • E easy to put
  • Every month, e no go let belle enter
  • E dey work: E dey work like magic wen you take am as you suppose take am, but many women no dey do am like dat. As people dey take use am, inside 100 women, 91 no carry belle.
  • Wahala wey fit happen: dey do like say you wan vomit, period wey no dey come every month, make discharge increase from person toto, make breast soft like akamu na dis ones common pass, but dem no dey last.
  • E hard: e no hard. You put de ring. Wait 3 weeks. Remove de ring. Wait 1 week. Do am all over again.
  • E no go protect you against yamayama infection (STIs).


De one wey be like ring

De ring small, e fit bend and e go stay for inside toto. You go leave am inside for three weeks and remove am on de fourth week. De ring no de belle enter as e dey release hormone wey no go let de bodi make egg, and e no dey let sperm enter.


Every month, e no get wahala at all. If injection dey fear you, or you dey always forget to take your medicine, de ring fit be for you. You go only need to remember am 2 times a month.

You suppose dey comfortable. If you no fit put your hand inside your toto, den, de ring no be for you. If you fit use dat pad wey dem dey shuk inside toto, den, you go fit use de ring.

Your period fit no come. No shaking, e dey 100% safe.

How to keep am. If you get extra ring, you need to put dem for room wey de temperature dey 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C) for up to 4 months. If dey keep dem for more dan 4 months, den you need to put am for where cold. No keep am after you don use am or after e don expire. If you wan dey hide dis package, den kasala go dey o. your partner fit dey feel de ring as una dey nack. If you no wan make he feel am, den commot de ring wen you wan nack. Put am back within 3 hours wey you take commot am. You fit only commot de ring once inside 24 hours. If you dey commot am any how and any time, den de package no go sure again.

De hormone wey dey commot for de ring small pass de other package/medicine wey no dey let belle enter and e get small gbege wey fit happen.

People wey dey smoke wey dey above 35 years need to dey careful wen dem dey take de medicine as e fit bring big gbege. E go betta make you talk to your healthcare people before you start to dey take de medicine.

When I fit get belle again? You go fit get belle after you commot de ring. If you no wan get belle, put anoda ring, or protect yourself with anoda way

How To Use

De ring easy to use. Just no forget to put and remove de ring.

How to put am. First wash your hand with soap and water. Let am dry. Use your first and second finger put am inside your toto. As long as you dey comfortable, where you put am no matter, just make sure you put am inside. You no even need to commot am wen you wan nack. (but if you want, you fit commot am wen you wan nack. Just make sure say you put am within 3 hours wen you commot am. And remove am only once in 24 hours) [5]

How to commot am. Once you don put de ring, leave am for 3 weeks. Commot am wen de fourth week just dey start. No put any ring again for dat week. De next week, put anoda ring and start all over. (to commot am, hook one of your finger to de ring den draw am). Wen de ring come out, your period fit come. No worry still put de ring back even if you still dey do your period. E dey normal and your period go stop [6].

E dey easy to get. Shey you go like use dis way? Check De One Wey Dey Your Country.
Wetin fit help. To put de ring, choose de position wey dey comfortable for you like to stand with one leg up, bend down or lie down. You fit twist de ring sef before you put am inside.

Side Effects

Everybody dey different. Wetin you go feel fit different from wetin anoda person go feel.

De good part: De injection dey do plenti good thing for bodi. Even wen your toto go dey collect prick sef, e go dey go sam sam [2].

E dey easy to use – e be like make person dey put dat pad wey dem dey put inside toto.

E no go cause kasala wen you wan nack

You fit dey see your period every month but small small.

E fit commot acne for your face

E fit reduce pain during period and de sign of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Tembe zingine zitakupa kinga dhidi ya matatizo za kiafya: Saratani ya ndani ya mji wa mimba na saratari ya ovari; Upungufu wa madini ya chuma; Uvimbe kwenye ovari na ugonjwa wa uvimbe wa fupanyonga

De side wey no pure: Plenti people dey worry say some side for de matter no pure. Many women no dey get any wahala. If you dey see small small wahala, dem go commot last last. Because your bodi just jam something wey new dats why e dey fall your hand. No worry, after small time, e go stop, because your bodi go don master am. Gbege wey dey shikini wey go commot after two or three months [2]:

Make person dey see blood even wen e no dey do im period

Make breast soft anyhow

Make you feel like you wan vomit or vomit

Gbege wey fit tay:

Make you de get plenti discharge for your toto, make toto dey do you one kain or you fit get infection

Make how your bodi dey do you for nack matter change

If after three months, de matter still no pure or bodi no gree you again, abeg commot am, go find another way to take protect yourself. Condom too dey kampe well well. No forget say different ways dey for everybody, no matter where you dey.

*De side wey no pure fit serious for very few women.


We dey here to help you. If dis way no be am, we get anoda way wey you fit use. No forget say: if you talk say na anoda way you wan use, make sure say you protect yourself well when you dey try anoda way. E make sense make you use condom. Condoms go give you confam protection before you go find anoda way wey you wan use.

What if I no like to dey put am?

De ring dey very easy pass many other methods. But other methods too dey wey their wahala no even reach dis one at all.

E still no dey work? If to dey put something inside your bodi once a month too much for you, den you go need to try anoda method wey you no go need remember for many years like de one wey dem dey put inside bodi or IUD.

Try anoda way: de one wey dem dey put inside bodi; IUD

Wat if I get plenti discharge from my toto? [6]

De extra discharge wey you dey see because of de ring fit dey normal. E suppose reduce after some months. De ring also fit dey protect you from one yamayama infection wey dem dey call bacterial vaginosis.

If de matter still never pure, talk to your healthcare people.

E still no dey work? If de discharge kon dey last pass as we take talk, e go betta if you try anoda method. You fit try de medicine, de one wey dem dey put on top bodi, or de injection. If you wan dey see your period every month den try de one wey dem dey put on top bodi and de medicine. But if you no mind make your period no come every month or make e no come at all, den de injection na im go good pass.

Try anoda way: de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; medicine; injection

Why de ring just dey commot anyhow? [8]

E fit possible make e be say you no dey put de ring well.

Try dis: use dat thing wey dem dey take put dat pad wey dem dey put inside toto, put am inside.

E still no dey work? If na still issue for you, den you go need to try anoda method wey you no go put inside toto, like de injection and de one wey dem dey put inside bodi.

Try a anoda way: de one wey dem dey put inside bodi; IUD; injection

Shey make I dey fear about blood thickness?

E dey very possible make your blood no thick wen you dey use de medicine. Na only if you get health wahala or dem born you some type way na im go increase your of blood thickness. If say your blood don thick before on top another health matter, den before you go start to use de ring, e go betta if you go yarn with your health care people first [8].

Wat if my partner say he dey feel de ring wen we dey nack? [4]

You fit commot de ring wen you wan nack. Just make sure say you rinse am with clean water and put am back for 3 hours wey you take commot am. And you fit only commot am once in 24 hours.

E still no dey work? If you wan use de method wey you no go need to dey remember every day, or wey you go dey remove wen you wan nack, and wey your partner no go feel, den choose de one wey dem dey put inside bodi, de injection or de one wey dem dey put on top bodi.

Try anoda way: de one wey dem dey put inside bodi; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; de injection

Shey de ring bad for de environment because de hormone go pass woman piss?[8]

Any way betta pass no way at all wen e concern de environment.

Some hormones for de medicine go enter de environment from de woman piss. E dey small pass other source of estrogen wey dey for the environment.

From things wey dem dey manufacture like fertilizer, the things wey dey kill mosquito and from de medicine wey dem dey give animals, estrogen dey enter the environment well well pass de one wey dey for the woman piss.

If you no wan hormone to your bodi or de environment, anoda way dey for you. Condom wey be like rubber and copper IUD good well well. Anything wey you decide, choose one way dey use.

E still no dey work? If you like de one wey dey work well well but e no get hormone, try de IUD wey no get hormone.

Shey gbege go dey if I use de pad wey dem dey put inside toto or menstrual and de ring? [8]

De pad wey dem dey put inside toto and menstrual cups no get wahala with de ring. If your ring don enter inside well well wen you commot de pad or de menstrual cup, den you go need to shift am come outside small. E fit dey do you yamayama if e dey happen all de time.

Wen you dey put the pad or menstrual cup, make sure say de ring don dey inside well well first. After dat, kon put de pad or de menstrual cup. If you kon commot de ring, rinse am wit clean water kon put am back sharp sharp.

If e dey happen every time and you no go like am, but you still wan dey use de ring, den use normal pad.


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