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  • Shey e sure: All de type wey dem dey shuk for bodi dey very sure. But you go need remember to take am wen you supposed to. Inside 100 people way dey use dis method, 99 people of dem no dey carry belle.
  • Gbege wey fit shele: wetin people dey see pass na period wey no dey come every month, chop chop go dey worry person wey go make de person gain weight yakata. Many women wey dey use dis way no dey dia period after de first year wey dem use am. No worry, no shaking!
  • Waka wey dey inside: you go need de injection every 1,2, or 3 months. (e depend on de one wey dey available for you).
  • E no dey protect against yamayama infection (STIs).


De injection

Summary Injectable Contraceptive

Na wetin you dey think o, injection na im dem go shuk inside your bodi. E no go let your bodi to make eggs. Im sef no go let sperm enter sef. Plenti dey – some fit no dey your country.[4]

  • e go cover for one month! Na 2 hormones dey inside – progestin and estrogen.
  • NET-EN or injection every two months: na progestin dey inside. E go cover you for two months! Dis one make sense well well for women wey no fit take estrogen [5].
  • DMPA or injection wey dem dey take every three months: na progestin dey inside. E go cover you for three months! Dis one make sense well well for women wey no fit take estrogen [5].


If you no wan dey take medicine every day, de injection na im fit better pass o. You only need to remember am once every 1 (monthly injectable), 2 (NET-EN) or 3 months (DMPA). You go need to see your healthcare people to get your injection.

Nobody go fit tell say you just collect injection. No packaging, no lele. Just dey nack dey go, nothing dey shele!

If injection dey fear you, den dis method no be for you. Na once every 1, 2 or 3 months.

De rule for late injection. You miss your date for your last injection? Nothing dey shele. DMPA (de 3 months injection) fit cover even for extra 4 weeks. NET-EN (de 2 months injection) fit cover even for extra 2 weeks. De one month own go cover you for extra 1 week. All this one no mean say you go kon dey go late every time! De medicine fit no dey sure for you again. Sha no talk say we no tell you. Use alarm or calendar dey mark your injection date.

Belle. E possible make you get belle when you stop to dey use your injection. Although, sometimes, e fit take several months before belle go enter. If belle neva dey hungry you, take anoda injection or find anoda method.

How To Use

E dey available. Some injection type fit no dey for your country.
Dis injection method no get any wahala, just make sure say you take your injection on time.

Shey you don hear about Sayana Press? Dis na injection wey person go give himself so dat belle no go enter for 3 months. If you wan sabi more about am, go

Wen you just start dey use de injection, yarn with your healthcare people about your period. Dis go help dem know which one go work for you.

Things wey go help

After some time, you no go dey see blood. So chillax!

If you start to dey miss your period after one year wey you don dey use de injection, no shaking! Dis normal. But if you miss your injection and bodi dey do you like say you don get belle, do belle test sharp sharp.

Shey you don gain weight because of de injection? No shaking! E possible say de injection fit make you fat. Women dey gain weight inside 6 wen dem don dey use dia injection. You fit gain weight because of de injection. Some women dey ok if dem gain weight, but if e no make you happy, you fit start to dey do exercise or talk to your healthcare people about wetin you fit dey chop.

Side Effects

Everybody dey different. Wetin you go feel fit different from wetin anoda person go feel.

De good part: De injection dey do plenti good thing for bodi. Even wen your toto go dey collect prick sef, e go dey go sam sam [3].

E easy to use

E no go cause kasala wen you wan nack

Nobody go know unless you tell dem

You no need to remember every day

You fit dey see your period small small or you no go see am at all.

If you dey take am on time, e get confam protection so that belle no go enter.

You fit use am even if you dey give pikin breast suck (except for de one wey dem dey take evry month)

De side wey no pure: Plenti people dey worry say some side wey de matter no pure. Many women no dey get any wahala. Remember, your bodi just jam something wey new dats why e dey fall your hand. No worry, after small time, e go stop, because your bodi go don master am.

Wetin people dey complain about pass [6]:

Period wey no dey come every month, especially for the first 6-12 months (your period fit long pass normal, e fit heavy, or you fit dey see blood even wen you no dey do your period)

De way you dey chop go change and you fit gain weight (some women fit gain weight, other no go gain anything.)

Small wahala:

How e dey you for nack matter fit change

Make e dey do person like say life don tire am

Hair go dey fall commot for head, face or bodi

Make person no calm down or make e be like say person wan faint


e be like you wan vomit

Breast wey dey pain

No way to stop all dis wahala wey de injection dey bring. If de matter no pure or bodi no gree you again, abeg commot am, find anoda way to take protect yourself. No forget say different ways dey for everybody, no matter where you dey!

*De side wey no pure fit serious for very few women. Talk to your healthcare people if you dey worry about de wahala wey you dey see.


We dey here to help you. If dis way no be am, we get anoda way wey you fit use. No forget say: if you talk say na anoda way you wan use, make sure say you protect yourself well when you dey try anoda way. E make sense make you use condom. Condoms go give you confam protection before you go find anoda way wey you wan use.

Shey make I dey fear if I dey see shikini shikini blood [3]?

You fit see shikini shikini blood for different methods, e no mean say your blood go finish even though sometimes e go be like say all your blood don finish.

E still no dey work? Your luck fit shine if you try anoda way wey dey provide estrogen for some part of your period time.

Try anoda way: IUD; medicine

What if de injection kon cost too much for me?

For some country, medicine/package we no dey let belle enter dey cost well well. You fit find de one wey free or de one wey no cost too much if you go healthcare center wey na government get.

If you get partner and you dey comfortable to tell am say make e support you with de money wey you go need, una fit discuss am.

What if how e dey do me for nack matter kon change [10]?

Although dis no be common complain for many people wey dey take de injection, but e fit happen. First check if anoda thing dey cause de change, or if you dey stressed, or your relationship dey give you wahala. You fit try exercise, try new style wen you dey nack, talk about how you dey feel and wetin you need with your partner.

E still no dey work? If you don see say nothing else cause de change for how nack matter dey do you, and you still feel say na de injection, then change to de medicine, de one wey dem dey put on top bodi or de ring (wey get small hormone and e easy to stop if you dey get wahala) or de IDU (wey get small or no hormone at all). You fit also try diaphragm and condom for man and woman.

Try anoda way: IUD; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; ring; medicine

What if belle dey hungry me [3]?

You no fit change de injection once you don take am, you go need to wait until e don work finish (1, 2, or 3 months depending on de one wey you take). But chillax, e fit take up to 10 months after your last injection before belle go enter.

E still no dey work? If you get belle sharp sharp, e betta make you dey use de injection wey dem dey give every month, NET-EN (every 2 months injection) or anoda way wey get hormone. De medicine one, de ring, or IUD go let belle enter sharp sharp pass de injection one. Even de ones wey no get hormone like condom for man and woman.

Try anoda way: condom for man; IUD; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; medicine; ring

Why headache dey do me [2]?

Headache fit dey catch you if you dey take de injection. First of all, see if na anoda thing dey cause your headache. Try reduce stress, drink plenti water, and make sure say you dey sleep well. If e no help, den talk to your healthcare people about de headaches.

E still no dey work? If you no fit find anoda reason for de headaches, den you wan change method, try IUD, de medicine, de one wey dem dey put on top bodi, or de ring.

Try anoda way: IUD; medicine; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; ring.

Why I dey dey moody [6]?

Make mood dey change any how na one of the wahala wey dis injection fit bring. But before you go choose anoda method, first find out if na anoda thing dey cause make you dey dey moody.

E still no dey work? De injection an hormone, so if you still dey dey moody, find anoda way wey no get dat kain wahala like de medicine, de one wey dem dey put on top bodi or de ring. You fit try de IUD one too.

Try anoda way: IUD; medicine; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; Medicine; ring.

Shey de injection bad for de environment because de hormone wey dey inside go pass de woman piss[10]?

Any way betta pass no way at all wen e concern de environment.

Some hormones for de injection go enter de environment from de woman piss. E dey small pass other source of estrogen wey dey for the environment.

From things wey dem dey manufacture like fertilizer, the things wey dey kill mosquito and from de medicine wey dem dey give animals, estrogen dey enter the environment well well pass de one wey dey for the woman piss.

If you no want hormone to your bodi or de environment, anoda way dey for you. Condom wey be like rubber and copper IUD good well well. Anything wey you decide, choose one way dey use.

E still do dey work? If you want dey one wey sure but e no get hormone, try de IUD wey no get hormone.

Try anoda way: IUD


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