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Condom for men dey protect person against yamayama infection like HIV, you no make doctor tell you to use before you use am, e no cost at all and e dey very easy to buy.

E dey work: if you use am as you take suppose to use am, inside 100 people wey use am, 98 people no carry belle. But plenti people no sabi how to use am well. If dem no use am well, inside 100 people, na only 82 people no go carry belle.

Gbege wey fit happen: with man condom, nothing dey shele, dem no born anything well! Unless say latex or spermicide dey do you one kain for bodi

Wahala dey there: you go need to use new one EVERY time wey you wan nack. No go dey wash am like cloth o!


Condom wey dem dey wear outside (For man)

Condom wey dey dey outside – dem dey call am de condom for man – na de popular wey wey sharp guys wey sabi de take no let belle enter woman and to avoid yamayama infection (STIs). Just put am on top prick. Condom for man dey no dey let person carry yamayama infection as e no dey let sperm enter toto, yash, or mouth. (Condom wey dem dey put inside sef dey, dat one na for woman. Dem fit put am inside toto or yash). Man condom dey different size and shape yafunyafun. You fit buy dem with lube or without lube.

Types of condom for man:
Spermicide. Dis one get chemical wey dey kill sperm. We no advice say make you use am for nack wey dem dey take mouth do or nack wey dem dey take yash do.

De one wey no get spermicide. If spermicide no good for you or your partner, den nas dis one go good for una. Na shikini gbege fit dey condom, dis type even fit no dey sef.

Latex. Dis type be like rubber or blonblo. E fit stretch reach 800%. Na dem full area pass. No use dem with oil-based lubricants o, because e go tear or dey commot anyhow. And dis fit let belle enter or you fit carry yamayam infection.

Non-latex. If latex dey do you one kain for bodi or oil-based lube, den you go need use dis one. Na polyurethane, other synthetic high tech materials, or natural lambskin dem take do am.


Man condom go protect you from yamayama infection plus HIV sef. Na de one wey dem take lambskin do na him fit no prtotect you from infection. Na only sperm dem dey block, dem no dey block infection.

To use man condom, you go need to decide say you go do am every time. De man need to wear am on top prick every time wey e wan nack, no matter how de nack take dey shack am reach. If not, e no go work. Sometimes, e fit hard for de woman to tell de man to use condom.

Nack go tay well well. Man condom dey make nack tay well well. Sometimes, dis na good thing. (If you or your partner dey cum sharp sharp, condom fit help am last longer).

E dey cheap and easy to buy. Man condom no cost at all and you fit even see where you go get am free. Anywhere we you just shuk head, you go see am. You fit select any type wey you like.

You no need doctor to tell you. If you no fit dey go your healthcare people or you no wan go at all, den use man condom.

If latex dey do you one kain, den e no good for you. If latex dey do you one kain, den use de condom wey no be latex. If you no fit find condom wey no be latex, try anoda method.

How To Use

E dey easy. Shey you like to use dis method? Go see “Methods wey dey my country” to know which one dey.

How to wear man condom: [9]

First, you no need to hide your face. Wen you don dey wear de condom, e fit make de nack dey hungry you well well sef. If you you no dey comfortable, talk to your partner about am, yarn about how to use condom take make nack dey sweet well well.

Look de date wey de condom go expire before you use am. Condom wey don expire go tear sharp sharp.

Make sure say you don wear de condom before you carry your prick near de toto. Pre-cum – de water wey dey come out for de mouth of prick wen person wan nack – fit get sperm inside from wen de guy cum de last time.

One condom for one erection. Make sure say extra condom always dey available. No go dey reuse condom.

No go tear de condom wen you dey commot am for de nylon. If e don tear, or e strong, troway am. Use anoda one.

You fit put small drop of lubricant wey no get oil inside de condom. E go help de condom dey easy to wear and nack go sweet for your partner.

If dem never circumcise de man, e go dey important pull back de skin on de prick before you wear de condom.

Make small space dey for inside de condom so dat sperm go see space stay, den commot de air wey enter de condom.

Just dey cover de prick go wit de condom until e don finish.

Smooth de condom on top de prick so dat air wey don enter go commot. De air fit make de condom tear.

If you like, you fit use more lubricant so dat de nack go dey go sam sam.

How to commot man condom [3]:

Before de prick soft, make sure say e don come out from inside toto.

Hold de condom for de yash wen de man dey commot am. E no go let sperm pour come out.

Troway de condom. No let children or your pet take am play. No go flush am for toilet, e go block your toilet.

Make de man wash he prick with soap and water wen he don commot de condom before he carry he prick near de woman toto again.

Side Effects

Everybody dey different. Wetin you go feel fit different from wetin another person go feel.

De good part: Man condom dey do plenti good thing for the body. Even wen your toto go dey collect prick sef, e go dey go sam sam [9].

E go protect you against yamayama infection plus HIV
E no cost and e easy to buy

Doctor no nee tell you

E fit help make person no dey cum on time

Side wey no pure: [5]

Unless latex dey do you one kain for bodi, man condom no get any gbege inside.

Only 1 or 2 people inside 100 people n aim latex dey do one kain for bodi. If you be one of dem, buy de non-latex one.

Some lubricant fit dey do some people one kain for bodi. If e dey happen to you, try anoda type of condom

Some men dey complain say dem no dey feel de toto well well wen dem wear condom

Person fit forget to wear condom wen dem don drink. You fit remember wen de thing dey.


We dey here to help you. If dis way no be am, we get anoda way wey you fit use. No forget say: if you talk say na anoda way you wan use, make sure say you protect yourself well when you dey try anoda way.

Shey condom no go let de man dey feel de nack well well? [5]

Try different type of condom so dat you go see de one wey fit help wit dat kain matter. Look for condom wey dem call “ultra-thin” or “ultra-sensitive.”

E still no dey work? Try anoda method wey you “no go need to dey remember”, like IUD, de one wey dem dey put for inside bodi, de injection, de ring, or de one wey dem dey put on top bodi.

No one inside these methods wey no be condom fit protect you from yamayama infection. If you want dat kain protection, try condom for woman.

Try anoda way:

De one wey dem dey put inside bodi; IUD; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; ring; injection

Why de man condom dey commot or dey tear? [8]

Make sure say you check de expiration date before you use de condom.
Look to make sure say de condom package never spoil.

E fit possible say you no dey wear de condom well. See how to use condom for where we talk am.

E fit be say de man dey commot him prick for inside toto after e don soft.

E still no dey work? You fit look de method wey you no go need to wear something like de one wey dem dey put on top bodi, medicine, ring, IUD, de one wey dem dey put inside bodi, or injection.

No one inside these methods wey no be condom fit protect you from yamayama infection. If you want dat kain protection, try condom for woman. Or you go try find anoda condom for ma wey go good for you. E plenti yafunyafun.

Try anoda way: Woman condom; de one wey dem dey put inside bodi; IUD; condom; de one wey dem dey put on top bodi; medicine; ring; injection.

Shey two condom go protect me pass one from yamayama infection and belle no go enter? [10]

Wen e concern condom matter, two no betta pass one. Two condom no go let de nack go sam sam, and e fit let de condom break. If you wan dey very safe, use condom and anoda way wey no go let belle enter.

Try anoda way: de one wey dem put inside bodi

What latex de do my partner one kain for bodi nko? [8]

Although e hard o, but latex fit dey person one kain for bodi. If latex dey do your partner one kain for bodi, den find de condom wey no get latex so dat belle no go enter and e go protect against yamayama infection. Man condom wey dem use lambskin do no go let belle enter but e no go protect you against yamayama infection.

Try anoda way: woman condom

What if de man condom don expire?

Before you use condom, dey always check de date wey e go expire and look de packet well well.

To make sure say de condom de kampe, first press de wrapper – e go feel like say air dey inside am. If you feel am and air dey there, e be say de condom still dey kampe.

Wen you still dey press de condom, e go dey move up and down like rubber because of de lubricant. (no be so e go be so for condoms wey no get lubricant). Wen condoms don tay inside heat or e dey leak, de lube fit dry or leak come out, e go make de condom weak and small thing, e don break.
If your condom don expire or de package no dey kampe, use anoda condom.

Keep de condom for where heat and water no dey.

Try anoda way: Woman condom; de one wey dem dey put inside bodi; IUD; medicine; ring; injection.

Wat if na only de condom wey dey smell like wetin dem dey chop na im I get? [5]

Some people like condom wey dey smell like wetin dem dey chop wen dem wan nack de kain nack wey be say na mouth dem dey put am. Dem no go let yamayama infection catch you for throat.

Some condom wey dey smell like food dey contain sugar. Dis type of condom fit cause yeast infection. Find de condom wey no get sugar.

Wat if de man no like to dey use condom? He say e no dey let him prick stand.

If condom dey too tight or uncomfortable, de man prick fit no stand. No be you cause am o; na de condom. No let shame catch you.

No use condom wey dey too tight or uncomfortable because say you dey try different different types.

Shey I go need to use lube wit condom? [3]

Lube with condom dey make nack sweet well well. E fit also no let you dey uncomfortable and de condom no go fail. Many condom dey follow lubricant come, but you fit put extra. Try no use de lubricant wey get oil inside (massage oil, hand lotion, and Vaseline) because de condom fit break.


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