Nack wey safe.
No regret.

You wan nack and enjoy am, but you no want pikin and infection? Then you need protection. 18 different contraceptive method dey to choose from, like hormone and the one wey no get hormone with short, médium and long term protection. Choose the one wey fit you pass.
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Nack wey safe. </br> No regret.

Your guide to nack wey safe

Find My Method na the one shop wey you fit stop for everything (safe) wey concern nack matter. From how e take sure reach, to the effect, to whether e dey available for your country, you fit find all the important information about the different contraceptive method on top our website. On top our blog and forum yarn, you fit read story and testimonial about people wey use contraceptive, share your personal experience and ask question.

Contraceptive Method

Contraception no be just medicine and condom. Go see all the choice wey dey for market.

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No two contraceptive method be the same; each of dem get dia own Good and bad. Use our tool to compare and choose well well.

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I get belle?

If you nack without protection and you wan confam whether you get or you no get belle, keep eye for ground for some special sign.

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For Find My Method, we believe say nack wey safe and healthy suppose dey for every body. But we also sabi say situation different from person to person and from place to place. That na why we dey work hard to give ogbonge information about contraception wey dey local. We also believe say communication na two-way; if you get any question and concern, not waste time, block us inside our email anytime.

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