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Last modified on July 9th, 2021

Emergency Contraception (EC) in Nigeria


Emergency Contraception or EC can prevent a pregnancy if you’ve had unprotected sex (with or without consent) or if your contraceptive method failed. You can use EC pills or a copper non-hormonal IUD.


Is the EC widely available in Nigeria?

Yes, the EC pill and IUD is widely and commonly available at major pharmacies, private clinics, social marketing facilities (MSI, DKT) in Nigeria. However, some rural communities don’t have major drugstores, so it can be quite difficult to find the pills in these areas.

EC pills and IUD aren’t free at public health centers. Most public health centers only stock EC pills for rape cases and not for public consumption.


Do I need a prescription to access EC in Nigeria?

No, you don’t need a prescription to buy EC pills and the IUD. In 2016, EC pill was added to Nigeria’s essential medicines list. For more information on how to use EC pills, visit our EC pill page.


Is there any age restriction for accessing EC in Nigeria?

No, anyone can purchase EC pill or IUD.


How much does EC cost in Nigeria?

The EC pill ranges between ₦300 – ₦1,500 and the IUD ranges between ₦500-₦3,000, depending on the brand and locality.


What are the different EC brands available in Nigeria’s market?

The two most common EC pill brands are Postpill by DKT and back-up by Marie Stopes. The most common IUD brand is Lydia IUD by DKT.

DKT PostPill Emergency Contraception Pill MSI Back-up Emergency Contraceptive Pill


Who can I contact for more information on the EC in Nigeria?

MarieStopes Nigeria
Twitter Handle: @MarieStopesNG
Short code: 22252
Toll-free line: +2348000022252
Whatsapp/SMS: +2349080022252

DKT PostPill
Facebook ID: @postpill
Twitter ID: @Postpill
To contact DKT, please text “RHS” leave a space, then type “your question” and send to “38350”

Lydia IUD
Facebook ID: @LydiaIUD
Twitter ID: @lydiaIUD

Honey and Banana
Hotline: 55059
Twitter ID: @HoneyandBanana
Facebook ID: @HoneyAndBanana

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: +2348094477226 (Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm)

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