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What if I am Tempted to Have Sex?

It is natural to be attracted to someone. If you are considering having sex after a period of abstinence, it is important to take some time to think about your reasons for waiting.
If you decide not to have sex right now, you should talk to your partner about your reasons for not having sex. You can also talk about limits on what you are comfortable doing with your partner.
If you decide that you want to start having sex, you should start looking into a contraceptive method that right for you. Make sure you do it before you have sex.
Either way, you might want to have some external condoms (male), internal condoms (female) and Emergency Contraception on hand just in case.
Still not working? If “not right now” is no longer working for you, you should have a reliable method in mind (and in hand) before you start having sex. You might want to look into a long-acting reversible method like the IUD or the implant, or if you do not want to commit to that quite yet, you could start with external condoms (male)/internal condoms (female) and a hormonal method. And do not forget, condoms are the only method that protects from STIs!
Try a different method: internal condom (female); implant; IUD; external condom (male); injectable.


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