Non-hormonal IUD in Ghana

A non-hormonal IUD is a small, T-shaped device made of plastic and copper. It is inserted into the uterus (womb). The device offers 3-12 years of protection, depending on the type and is 99% effective. You can read more about the method here.
Non-hormonal IUD in Ghana

Is non-hormonal IUD widely available in Ghana?

Yes, the non-hormonal IUD is available at all reproductive health centres of hospitals and clinics, including the Korle Bu Hospital in Accra.

Do I need a prescription to buy a non-hormonal IUD in Ghana?

No, you don’t need a prescription to buy a non-hormonal IUD.

Is there any age restriction for accessing non-hormonal IUD in Ghana?

No, there’s no age restriction for accessing the non-hormonal IUD.

How much does a non-hormonal IUD cost in Ghana?

A non-hormonal IUD can cost around 25 Ghanaian cedi at Korle Bu Hospital. The price may be lower in polyclinics.

What are the different non-hormonal IUD brands available in Ghana?

The most widely available brand in Ghana is SMB.

Who can I contact for more information in Ghana?

Korle Bu Hospital’s Family Planning unit

+233 501 582 698

Marie Stopes

+233 0800 2 85 85

+233 556 489 090 (WhatsApp)

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